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My Care Cam 3

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With My Care Cam 3, you can keep your eye on someone in your care with this easy to use high and set up, high quality video monitor.

Use your smartphone to keep watch on them remotely.

If they have a carer visiting, you can view them remotely to make sure they are giving the right care to your elderly parent, and also prevent any abuse.

If they don't have regular visits, you can regularly log in to take a look to make sure they are OK. You can communicate with them if necessary using the audio intercom facility.

Requires a broadband connection in the home of the elderly person to connect via WiFi. 

Comes with nightlight to enhance video quality, and also give a light for your elderly relative to help see in the dark.

Attractive unobtrusive design

High definition 1080P video

2-way audio

Starlight Vision gives higher clarity videos in daylight and lowlight

Infrared night vision. 

WiFi connection (2.4Ghz)