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Car Boot Organizer Storage Bag

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This Folding Car Boot Organiser has 2 handles, so it can be carried comfortably, 3 main compartments and different types of pockets, mesh and elastic straps.

Ideal for storing and transporting many objects such as tools, toys, food, drinks bottles and cans, travel cushions, first aid kit, etc. Its adaptable design means it can be adjusted to 2 different sizes or fully folded using its clip buckles to store it away taking up minimum space. It also has 3 velcro straps on the base for a greater hold when used in the car boot. An easy and effective way of keeping the car boot tidy.

Material: Polyester Nylon PE (Polyethylene) Innovative and functional design

Type: Foldable Multifunction Object store Capacity: 55 L Carrying handle: x2 Base with velcro for greater hold: x3 Adjustable size: x2 3 Compartments Multiple pockets Elastic fastening bands Easy to fold and unfold Clip lock: x2 Convenient and easy to use Light and manageable Easy to transport and store

Approximate dimensions when folded: 39 x 26 x 5 cm Approx. measurements unfolded: 39 x 26 x 25 cm / 39 x 26 x 55 cm