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Foldable BBQ Multi Tool 5 in 1

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This innovatively designed BBQ Multi-tool includes: spatula, brush, fork, corkscrew and bottle opener A convenient and practical set of barbecue utensils for preparing your persfect barbecue. The multifunction compact design makes them perfect for travelling anywhere. The set consists of various utensils that fold easily and occupy the minimum amount of space. You can also take them apart, as the spatula can be separated from the other utensils to make it easier to use. Ideal for camping, trips to the countryside, mountains, etc.

Material: Steel ABS Silicone Innovative and functional design. Foldable Detachable Reduced compact size Multi-use: 5-in-1 Takes up a small amount of space Light and manageable Convenient and easy to use Easy to transport and store

Approximate dimensions when folded: 23 x 9 x 2 cm