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Aquarius AQ 114 Teen Fitness Activity LED Tracker with 3D Pedometer

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Simple Fitness Tracker for Teens.

Non-Bluetooth Fitness tracker.
3D Pedometer and temperature counter.
Silent flash and Calorie, distance, Time/date remind.
Autosaves data and sleep monitor.
Rechargeable polymer battery.
Technical Specifications :
Temperature Rage : -9 ºC —50ºC
Data Transfer Mode: USB Port
Accuracy : +-1%
Data memory: 24 hours step counter, save 14 days data
Number of steps: Unlimited
Battery Life : >300 times charge-discharge cycles
Voltage: DC=5V
Atmospheric pressure : 860hPa-1060hPa
Operating Temperature: 0-45 ºC
Product Specifications:
Brand: Aquarius 
Materials: Rubber
Model: AQ114
Weight: 42g
Display: LED Display
Product Dimensions: 8x9x3cm
Package Includes: 1x Aquarius AQ 114 Teen Fitness Tracker