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Aide Smart Bluetooth Key Finder

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Have you ever been looking for your keys and someone says "Where did you last have them" Arghhhh!!

Well, with Aide Smart Bluetooth Keyfinder helps keep track of your keys or anything else you attach it to. Using the Smart Life App on your smartphone, you can locate your keys etc, by using the app to call the Key Finder which will then set off the keyfinder alert.

You can also use the Key Finder to find your phone by simply pressing the button twice. This will the cause your phone to give an audible alert so that you can locate your phone.

Another useful function it the Last Location facility. If you leave your tagged item (keys, purse etc.), then the app will show you where you were last prior to your pnone losing contact with the keyfinder. You will then know whare you were when you last had them.

Includes the following

1 x KeyFinder with Battery

1 x Spare Battery

1 x Battery Replacement Tool

1 x Key Ring Attachment