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Aide Alarm Smart Home Security System

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Aide Alarm Smart Home Security kit.

With burglary rates on the increase, now is a good time to give your home some protection.

Aide Alarm Smart Alarms are simple and easy to set up. No Wiring needed.

Why pay expensive monthly fees for someone else to  monitor your home, when it is so easy to do it yourself.

When an Aide Alarm Smart sensor is triggered, as well as the siren sounding, you will immediately receive a notification on your mobile phone via the the powerful and popular Smart Life app. You can then take action yourself rather than rely on a monitoring service to do it.

Wouldn't you rather be the first to know if there is someone in your home that shouldn't be there?

Aide Alarms use the Smart Life app available for iOS and Android, so if you already have products using these apps, you can just add the Aide Alarm.

You can also remotely set the alarm system to alarm when the sensors are triggered as well as disable it, giving an extra level of security

Receive an alert to your smartphone whenever the alarm is triggered or settings changed.

There are 7 different alert sounds to choose from so you can choose one to suit your needs and preferences

Connect to your broadband by WiFi and place in a convenient spot. Use the Door/Window sensor as either a security device or as an additional way of monitoring someone coming or going.

Up to 32 sensors can be registered with the hub.

Sensors can transmit up to 30metres indoors.

No need to worry about false alarms going un noticed. You will receive an alert any time the alarm is activated and you can disarm it remotely from anywhere, and re-arm if necessary. No more inadvertantly upsetting your neighbours!

Can be connected via 2.4GHz WiFi to a broadband hub or a Mobile WiFi hotspot

Comes with FREE "Protected by Aide Alarm" window sticker

Model Number AAK3608W

Kit Contents

1 x Aide Alarm Hub (Rechargeable Battery included)

2 x PIR sensor

2 x Window Door Sensor

2 x Panic Buttons

1 x Portable Magnetic Numeric Key Pad