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PiIRMotion Sensor Solar LED Light (4 Pack)

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Motion sensing lighst are perfect for lighting the front door or patio at night so you can easily find your way and to let yourself into your home safely. The light can also act as a security device and deter burglars.

These 8 SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) lights have 3 modes which include a dimmed light, strong light and motion sensor mode. The bright white led lights are more than enough to give you a fully illuminated area of about 2m, the wall mounted light is fully weather proof and has an automatic on/off functionality. Features: 8 SMD Pir Motion Sensor Solar LED Light High light and dim modes,  Motion sensor mode,  Fully weather proof Bright white light automatically turns on at dusk and dawn.

Dimensions:  Height: 12cm Width: 11cm Depth: 5cm Weight: 0.2kg Package Content 4 x 8 SMD Pir Motion Sensor Solar LED Lights.