Using your own designs and images

If you would like to use your own design or image to create a unique item of your own, there are a few things you must be aware of before creating your design and then proceeding to purchase.

First thing is to be aware of copyright if you are using an image from the web, an officilal logo or design such as a football team. It is your responsibility to check if you can use any copyright images in your design.

By default we do not allow Football Team official designs etc. to be used

Once you are happy to proceed with your design, it must meet certain specificatios to be able to be printed satisfactorily.

If it is a photo then it should be at least 150dpi, and preferably 300dpi when at the printed size. So for example, if you want the image to be 6 inches wide, then it will need to be at least 150dpi at this size. Taking a 2 inch image at 300dpi and enlarging it to 6 inches will not mean it is still 300dpi. It will have the same amount of "dots" i.e 300, but now they will be spread over 6 inches with an effective dpi of 100, and result in a poor quality print.

Another consideration is the background of the image. The whole image including the background will be printed, unless you are able to remove this digitally and then save the image a a "png" file set with a transparent background.

When you upload your file you will be able to view what the design will look like when printed. Please bear in mind that the actual finished print may look slightly different than on your scren due to the difference in how images are displayed on a screen which can have different viewing and colour settings and uses emmited light compared to printing using ink, which uses reflected light. Also the colour of the material to be printed on will have some effect on how the image looks.

If you have any questions regarding using you own images, please drop us an email at