Below are answers to some commonly asked questions

Aide Alarm

Q Do I need to pay a monthly fee?

A There is no requirement to pay a montly fee to use the equipment. If you wish to record your video you can install a Micro SD card to save recordings without charge. Only should you wish to store your videos online (Cloud) would you be required to pay a monthly fee.

Q What if I don't have broadband?

A You can connect using a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot with a data SIM. These are available for  all major mobile carriers. We would recommend you find out which operator has the best signal at the intended address before chosing a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Q. Can I connect 2 Aide Alarm hubs?

A. Yes. You can use the smart automation within the app to link two hubs so that they both sound an alarm when activated, even if the hubs are in two different buildings as long as they are using the same Aide Smart App account.

Q. Why can I only connect using 2.4GHz?

A. 2.4Ghz is used for connection to our alarms and cameras due to it having a longer range than 5GHZ. 5GHZ, even though it has a higher capacity and speed to transmit data, it also is less effective at transmitting through walls and doors. It onlso has a shorted range. Therefire, to give the best chance of maintaining connection around your house 2.4GHZ is better suited.



Q. Why not use your smartphone?

A. You can indeed use your smartphone to record your swing. However, as they are an expensive item and used for more important things like personal photos, email social media interaction, it would be unwise to take it out onto the course and risk damage or exposure to water. Why risk damaging such an important item that we all use for important day to day communication.

MySwingCam is light, comes with a waterproof case and a custom clamp to allow mounting on both trolleys and bags. It is a much more practical and cost effective way to video your swing out on the course or anywhere outdoors.


Q. Isn't MySwingCam it the same as a GoPro?

A. MySwingCam is similar to a GoPro. The GoPro range is a premium priced product designed for a slightly different market.

MySwingCam is a much better value camera with capabilities similar to a GoPro, at a much lower price point means you get a lot more for your money and also comes with a spare battery, 16gb Memory card, USB adaptor, remote control and a custom Bag/Trolley mount, all in a self contained carry case.

Q. Why do I need 120 frames per second?

A. If your frame rate is below 120 frames per second, you will not be able to see the movement of the club very well as it will be blurred due to the speed the club is travelling. 

Q. Why should I bother recording during a game?

A. If you have ever watched Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson on the practice range before going out in competition, you will notice (as have many commentators) that their swing during the competition is not quite the same (and many other top golfers). They may be swinging harder and faster or get slightly out of sync or maybe too fast in their transition. There "Game" swing is never quite what their "Range" swing is. Of course we can all see this clearly due to Television broadcasts and analysis. Once they finish their round, they inevitably go to their coach for advice on what is wrong with their swing that day and practice what their coaches say needs to be worked on. With MySwingCam you can do the same, and see what it is happening out on the course that may be affecting your performance and scoring and analyse it later. This will help you work on the part of your swing that is causing issues out on the course.