Colour variation on Printed Products

The colours you see on the finished printed item may appear slightly different to what you see on your computer or phone screen due to the difference in the way in which colours are created. The reasons are comlex but we will try to explain why and what to expect with your purchased item.

On screen

Colors on screen are based on the RGB color system. These colors are created by mixing 3 colors of light beams together - red, green, blue. RGB colors can only be displayed digitally on screens (e.g. computer monitors, smartphones) because they are made with light.

In print

Colors in print are usually based on the CMYK color system. These are process colors that are created by mixing 4 colors of ink together - cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). These are the exact same colors as the ink cartridges in your home or office printer!

Screen & Software Differences

CMYK colors on screen vs in print

Important: although you may be viewing CMYK mode on screen, these are still colors that are created by light, meaning that CMYK on screen will look different to CMYK that's been printed.

Screen & software differences

By simply adjusting the brightness, contrast, or applying a night-mode filter to your device, colors will instantly look different. There will also be differences across device types and models - colors will look slightly different on an iPhone vs a Lenovo laptop vs a TV.