New Bluetooth Keyfinder

Key finders are becoming more popular these days as being unable to find your keys urgently causes so much frustration and stress. Also, not being able to find your phone can be even more stressfull as we rely on them more and more to be able to function in modern society.

So, do you run around like a headless chicken screaming that the world is coming to an end and snapping at anyone that dares utter those annoyng words, "where did you last have them" AARRRGH!!

Well, investing a little in a keydinder can help put you out of your misery.

They can be used to find your keys using the Smart Life App, and you can also use the Finder to call your phone. Pressing the button twice on the key finder will sound an alert on your phone. They use Bluetooth to communicate as this requires very little power, so that you don't have to keep charging or replacing the battery and find that it is flat the moment you need it most.

The app can also log where your keys were last in range of your phone so you can then work out where you left them. Invaluable should you have that sinking feeling when you get home to realise you don't have your keys with you anymore.

So, treat yourself to the Aide Smart Bluetooth Keyfinder and  have peace of mind that you will no longer have to retrace your steps for the last 24 hours looking under every cushion and turning the house upside down. Life is stressfull enough without forgetting where you last had your keys!

Aide Smart Bluetooth Keyfinder